I present numerous lectures and discussions on topics related to science and public policy, especially  biotechnology. I have participated for the last several years in the University of Cincinnati adult learning program (known by the acronym OLLI) with talks on nanotechnology, climate change, pharma and biotechnology, GMOs and public policy and a variety of issues that are of interest to non-scientists. In January of 2017 I presented an OLLI lecture on the topic of gene insertion technologies (focused on CRISPR) and their implication for medical and healthcare advances.

In March of 2018 I presented a short course on various topics in the area of biotechnology and social policy, including pharm and biotechnology, aging research, challenges ancd risks of biotechnology, the future of biotechnology. Response to the course was quite favorable, and I will present it again in the fall of 2018. 

In 2019 I presented a lecture on climate change and the outlook for its mitigation.  


A discussion on biotechnology and medicare to UC Adult Learning Group

I have lectured in the Pharmacology Department biotechnology program at University of Cincinnati

I am a member of the advisory board for Sinclair Community College's biotechnology program